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Orgulhosamente apresentamos uma nova e revolucionária linha de caixas Leslie, a saber: Leslie G27 e Leslie G37, especialmente projetadas para o guitarrista profissional. Após inúmeras entrevistas e centenas de horas de testes de produtos com guitarristas famosos ao redor do mundo, nós desenvolvemos uma caixa Leslie perfeita para guitarristas.

Featuring Exclusive Pedal Speed Control Circuitry (Patent Pending)

Single-Channel Input
Features low and high gain input jacks

Two-Speed Horn & Bass Rotor
Slow/fast speeds can be individually adjusted. Horn and bass rotor will automatically stop in the forward position when the stop mode is selected .This maximizes the sound towards the audience

Amplifier (Leslie G37 only)
Vacuum tube preamp with a 100-Watt RMS solid-state power amplifier

Speaker Input (Leslie G27 only)
Leslie´s speaker system is capable of handling an external amplifier up to 100 Watt RMS

12" vintage V30 speaker made with all original materials and a high-frequency horn driver

Control Inputs
Channel Select foot switch, speed select foot switch (slow, fast, stop), variable speed Control pedal (V-20RT)

Controls (Leslie G37 only)
Clean volume, Ch select Overdrive: Gain, Volume, Contour Equalizer: Treble, Mid, Bass
Controls Leslie G7 & G37 low rotor speed: fast rotor speed, Power switch

Rugged-built, black painted cabinet is constructed of 3/4" MDF, with
protective corners and two folding handles

Leslie G37: 100 lbs, Leslie G27: 92 lbs

Included Accessories
FS-10TL Dual foot switches, (16´ cord included), enables the control of the speed of the rotors (slow, fast, stop)

Optional Accessories
V-20RT Speed control pedal, FS-1TL single foot switch used to remotely control Channel Select.

Dimensions (G37)
20"(W) x 20 1/4"(D) x 26 1/2"(H)

Weight (G37)
100 lbs

Dimensions (G27)
20"(W) x 20 1/4"(D) x 26 1/2"(H)

Weight (G27)
92 lbs

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